5 things I want to do before 30

29th photofinal


Well today is my earth day and I’m turning 29 or as my cousin Kim says I’m turning twenty-FINE.  Since 30 is only one year away and I’m not Peter Pan, I guess I have to grow up. So, before my only  exictment comes from buying kitchen applicances; before my newsfeed only fills up with pictures of weddings and children; before I only fall in love with a credit score; before I fulfill my societical obligation of only producing non-threatening, well-mannered, well-spoken robots; before all my conversations revolve only around the current political climate; and lastly, before I only turn over instead of turn up, here are a couple of things I want to do.


5 things I want to do before I’m 30

-1. Read 7 books

Who wants to be a millionaire? According to success magazine,” People who read 7 or more books per year are more than 122% likelier to be a millionaire.”  They have to be books of my choice- work or required reading will not be included.

2. Become a YouTube superstar

Who watches TV anymore? I’ve been watching a whole lot of YouTube, so I figured I might as well join all these YouTube influencers.  I’ll take you on adventures in Harlem. Subscribe to me!

3. Learn espanol 

It’s always great to learn a language and it’s even better to be able to strike up a conversation in the Dominican salon.

4. Travel back to Africa

Yeah… I know Africa is a continent. I’ve visited two countries so far, Senegal and South Africa. So 2016 I’m going back to the motherland, again! -I’ll be stalking accounts like The Flight Deal and Travel Noire announcements, oh and that thing called a savings account.

5. Sky Dive

Yes I’m going to pay to jump out of a plane. You’ve paid for dumber things.

6. Do 5 pull ups

With 30 comes some new body rolls, stretch marks, children, (insert other body issues)- hence this one last physical challenge.


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