Confessions of a woman who goes to therapy (video)

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Confessions of a woman who goes to therapy

It’s May, Mental Health Awareness Month. With this month’s theme in mind, I took this opportunity to create a video where I discuss my mental health journey. In this video, I come to you VERY candid and share myself (like serious I’m fresh out the shower in my bathrobe in this video).  I feel like therapy and mental health is still very taboo in communities of people of color, so I wanted to share my story so that it can help others seek help or just feel comfortable talking about mental health issues. Check out my video where discuss why I started going to therapy, the benefits of therapy, offer some resources for finding an affordable therapist and talk about ways to start your own mental health journey (therapy or nah).

Press play!

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Happy Mental Health Awareness Month. Don’t forget to take care of yourself mentally.


Resources for finding therapy:

Apps that focus on mental health

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