Rock your Vote: Your Guide to the NYC’S 2016 Congressional Elections

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2016 NYC Congressional Elections

Today is the day! It’s the 2016 NYC Congressional Primaries and you can cast your vote between 6am this morning up until  9pm tonight. You might be looking at this screen right now like Congressional what?! And honestly, a couple of hours ago I didn’t completely understand it either. So, I created a nice little quick guide that even includes a dope graphic, made my yours truly. It’ll help you figure out the who, what, where, how and why- all before the polls closes tonight at 9pm.

Your Guide to the NYC’s 2016 Congressional Election

Follow me as I break down the basic things you need to know and some helpful resources, covering:

  • Who are you voting for?
  • Why it matters?
  • Whose on the ballot?
  • And (Lastly) Where to go to cast your ballot today? (all the links)
  1. Who are you voting for? A member of Congress.

Congress is a part of one of the branches of government that consist of the House of Representatives and Senate (see dope image below). In an over simplified way, Congress makes laws. Therefore, by voting in this 2016 Congressional Election, you are voting for a U.S. House of Representatives we would like to send into the general election this November.

Basically, you are voting for someone you trust, who you hope has similar views as you- to vote on your behalf on laws. (Think of the whole gun law debate going on right now, the person you elect has the power to vote in on a gun law)


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2. Why is Matters? Congress is a pretty big deal, some argue more important than the President!

As you can see from my dope chart above, Congress is apart of the legislative branch aka the lawmaking branch for the NATIONAL government. It pretty much shares the power with the President and Supreme Court. It’s so much of a big deal it has two parts. Remember it was members of Congress that shut the government down and took away the key. (Think government shutdown 2013).

3. Whose on the ballot? Whose voting?

In order to know whose on your ballot you have to know your district aka your territory aka your blocks..I think you get it. As Harlemites, we are in the 13th district, that includes the neighborhoods of Harlem, Inwood, Marble Hill, El Barrio, Washington Heights, and parts of Morningside Heights and the Upper West Side.

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If you’re in the 13th District below list who is on the ballot (Remember this is no voting for Republicans, so focus on the Democrats column) Learn more about the candidates here or here

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4. Where to go to vote today?

In order to vote in the primaries, you have to be:

  • registered to vote and associated with the Democratic or Reform Party (There are no Republican primaries today)
  • Be a Democrat that lives in Districts 3, 5, 10, 13 or 15th  (if you’re a Harlemite you’re in 13th)
  • Or be a Reform Party member that lives in Districts 6, 8, 9, 12, 13 or 16

Helpful links:

  Make sure you cast your vote. It counts!

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