Throwback: The Chicago Defender Newspaper

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    Picture this:

    Hot off the press and into the street, a boy goes out to sell the paper. In exchange for 5-cents he puts the paper in the hands of a Black man who looks like he works for the train. The Pullman Porter tucks the paper in his luggage in order to conceal it as he heads south; the KKK  has confiscated the paper and hung people for reading it. On the train ride, the Pullman finds a little downtime to read it. He hops off the train and passes the paper to his homie. His homie goes to get a fresh line up and reads the paper to his peeps in the barbershop. Freshly lined up, he passes the paper to his home girl. His home girl puts on her Sunday best and heads to church where she reads the paper to the congregation. This paper is The Chicago Defender, the most influential African American newspaper during the early and mid-20th century. Click here to read more:

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