15 Well-Read Black Girls (#WRBGFest18)

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     15 Well-Read Black Girls

    Interviews from The Well-Read Black Girl second annual festival

    The second annual Well-Read Black Girl festival was this past Saturday and I don’t think words can truly describe the experience of being in a room full of beautiful brown writers -mostly women with a dash of men- listening and learning from one another. Before I make you jealous with all the details of the beautiful day, you need to understand complete metamorphosis of how Well-Read Black Girl started as an egg and has bloomed into an immortal butterfly. In 2015, Glory Edim founded  Well-Read Black Girl as a book club and a hub for Black girl literary magic. The term Well-Read Black Girl started out as a phrase printed on a shirt given to Glory by her partner to an Instagram account, and now, it’s a monthly book club- that now holds annual festivals. Beautiful. Soldout festivals.

    The moment I stepped into the festival at Pioneer Works my nostrils hair were combed by the smell of coconut oil, shea butter, Egyptian musk, and intellect (yes, I know intellect typically doesn’t have a smell). Now, if that was the scents in the room, you can only imagine the beautiful beings filled the space. Patricia Smith, Naomi Jackson, Mahogany Browne, Renee Watson, and the cast of James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk were some of those beings and highlights of the program. Each panelist shared their literary knowledge, experience, and candid advice.  In the seats were teachers, writers, professors, bloggers, reading enthusiasts.  So I took some time to ask 15 Well-Read Black Girls about their favorite books and what brought them to the festival. Click to get their book recommendations and learn why you definitely should come to next year’s Well-Read Black Girl Festival. #WRBGFest2018

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